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How Hotels Get Ready for Summer

A look into how hotels prepare for the summer rush. Most hotels, both in the U.S. and abroad, get the most business during the summer months.  To prepare for this rush, hotel staff must take many steps to ensure that their properties are ready.  Here are some of the things that hotels do to refresh…

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The Process of Building a Unique F&B Program

Boutique hotels share details on how they create signature F&B programs. When developing their unique F&B (food-and-beverage) programs, boutique hotels pay attention to every detail to ensure that the experience is memorable to their guests.  F&B programs go far beyond food and drink to incorporate the ideas of branding, operations, and design teams.  Here are…

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Tips for Changing Your Company’s Culture

How you can change your company culture. If you have plans to rebrand your business, then you should also consider reinventing your company’s culture.  While changing your business’s values is not something that happens overnight, you can succeed so long as company leadership remains committed to the change.  Here are three things that you can…

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Balancing Technology and Hospitality

How hotels can find a happy medium between new technology and guest satisfaction. As hotels compete for guest loyalty and brand recognition, many have turned to the newest technology to appeal to their guests.  However, it’s important that hotels do not turn to technology simply for the sake of having the latest and the greatest. …

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Modern Technology and the Travel Industry

How new tech is revolutionizing the travel industry. It’s no secret that the introduction of new technology has completely transformed the travel industry as we know it.  However, we have gotten so used to new systems and conveniences that many of us forget just how different the travel sector looks now compared to twenty years…

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