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Cornell study shows how tax reform could boost hospitality investment

WASHINGTON (April 3, 2024) – The Tax Relief for American Families and Workers Act of 2024, H.R. 7024, could provide substantial tax relief to hotels across the country, incentivizing investments in renovations and property upgrades, according to a Cornell University study commissioned by the American Hotel & Lodging Association. The study, conducted by Cornell’s Center…

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what you need to know about boutique hotel
All About Boutique Hotels: What You Should Know

In the hospitality realm, boutique hotels have emerged as a distinctive and sought-after option for travelers seeking a more personalized experience. These intimate lodgings offer a departure from the cookie-cutter approach of larger chains, providing a unique and curated environment that caters to individual preferences. If you’re curious about what makes boutique hotels so unique,…

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Eight vital tips for hotel industry success
The Secrets to Hotel Industry Success: 8 Vital Elements

In the dynamic world of the hotel industry, achieving and sustaining success requires strategic thinking, impeccable service, and adaptability. From boutique inns to luxury resorts, the key to thriving in this competitive field lies in understanding what sets you apart. Here are eight essential factors that can keep your hotel on top. Exceptional Customer Service…

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Tips for saving in hospitality industry
15 Tips for Hospitality Professionals to Save Smartly

Effective budgeting is a cornerstone of successful hotel management, ensuring the optimal allocation of resources and achieving financial goals. For hospitality professionals, mastering the art of hotel budgeting is essential for maintaining profitability and delivering exceptional guest experiences. This article will delve into fifteen valuable tips to help hospitality professionals navigate hotel budgeting with finesse…

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Ways to check in to hotel without credit card
How to Stay in a Hotel Without a Credit Card

While traveling, staying in a hotel without a credit card might seem challenging, but it’s possible with a few simple steps and alternative methods. Whether you’re not a credit card holder or prefer to avoid using one, there are ways to smoothly navigate the check-in process and enjoy your stay without hassle. Research Ahead Before…

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