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How Hotels Can Accommodate Multi-Generational Travelers

Tips to appeal to travelers of all ages. Recently, travel experts have noted a rise in “skip-generation” travel.  This refers to grandparents taking their grandchildren on vacations.  Additionally, there has also been a rise in people traveling with their extended families.  As these trends become more commonplace, hotels need to make changes to accommodate the…

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Three Hotel Trends According to Hotel General Managers

Which hotel trends are hot this year? Those in the hospitality business know that keeping up with the latest trends is an important part of remaining relevant and improving the guest experience.  But which trends have top hotels adopted so far in 2019?  According to general managers, here’s what’s been taking the hospitality business by…

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Why Hotel Housekeeping Should Adopt New Technologies

Why housekeeping can benefit from adopting new technologies. While there have been many technological advances in hotel management, hotels have been slower to adopt housekeeping technologies.  However, as the top cost center in hotels, properties should make housekeeping efficiency a priority.  Here is why hotel housekeeping needs a tech makeover. Oftentimes, hoteliers focus their attention…

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How Mobile Keys Can Prevent Human Trafficking

Converting to mobile key technology can fight human trafficking. According to the International Labour Organization, 40.3 million people are victims of global human trafficking.  Unfortunately, human trafficking is a major issue that continues to be a threat, even in 2019.  As hotels are common venues for trafficking, the hospitality industry is under pressure to fight…

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How Personalized Messaging Drives Guest Spending

Hotel experts from Caesars Palace and Margaritaville explain how they tailor messages to encourage guest purchasing behaviors. In a recent webinar hosted by EyeforTravel, executives from Caesars Palace and Margaritaville explained that establishing brand loyalty depended on guest information and personalized marketing messages.  Michael Marino of Caesars’ stated that the goal of personalized messaging was…

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