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Diversity In The Workplace
Why Diversity in the Workplace is Becoming More Significant

Hotels have faced tough challenges the past year due to the slowdown in revenue caused by the effects of the pandemic. In the process, hotels have been forced to cut costs, which has triggered staff downsizing. However, during this transition period hotels have the opportunity to strengthen their reputations for social responsibility and increase diversity…

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Hospitality Industry
A Look at the Hospitality Industry’s New Paradigm

It’s no secret that a good percentage of the hospitality industry is ramping up properties to prepare for a post-pandemic market. When the coronavirus eventually subsides, travelers will have more choices that offer a safer, cleaner, and more sustainable hotel experience. Here are noticeable ways hotels are preparing for a return to normal business. Permanent…

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Data Science in Hotels
How Data Science Can Help the Hospitality Industry

Data has become the center of business life, especially during the unpredictable business conditions created by the pandemic. A second pandemic wave threatens further slowdowns in travel, which will directly impact hotels. The use of data science in hotels can streamline operations and transform them into more resilient enterprises. Here are some of the benefits…

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Cyber Security
The Role of Cyber Security in Hospitality Automation

Every business must ensure that it has appropriate cyber security to keep hackers off its network. It’s particularly important for the hotel business to protect the privacy of its guests. Data breaches can lead to unhappy guests and hefty lawsuits. Cyber security risks have significantly increased under the current pandemic as more and more businesses…

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higher education for hoteliers
How Higher Education Offers a New Revenue Stream for Hoteliers

Following the shutdowns of hotels in March 2020 due to the pandemic, US hotel occupancy returned above the 50 percent mark in August. A focus on higher education among students helped contribute to developing a new revenue stream for hoteliers. Here’s a more in-depth look at this interesting connection between rebounding hotels located near universities….

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