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stay afloat during covid-19
How Hotels Can Stay Afloat During the COVID- 19 Economic Fallout

The multi-billion-dollar hospitality industry is in a pitiable state for the last few months due to the COVID- 19 crisis. With travel bans and lockdowns enforced, hotels are mostly empty, leading to severe revenue shortages and layoffs. Here are some steps hotels can follow to stay afloat during the economic fallout: Check with Your Banker…

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right personnel decisions
Personnel Decisions You Can Take Today to Help Your Hotel Thrive Tomorrow

COVID- 19 has adversely affected hotels across the world. Hotel owners must now make the right personnel decisions to survive and thrive in the future. Here are some decisions that hotel owners need to make to thrive after the coronavirus crisis: Some People Will Need to Go Layoffs are hard and emotionally draining for any…

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reopening hotel after covid-19
Steps to Reopen Your Hotel Successfully After COVID- 19

The hotel industry is one of many businesses that have been adversely affected due to COVID- 19. Those in the hospitality business looking to reopen after the global lockdown will need to conceptualize a strategic plan. Here are some of the steps to consider before reopening your hotel after COVID- 19: Strictly Follow Government Guidelines…

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reviewing analytics
Data Analysis of Hotel Downturn Strategies

Data analysis of past economic downturns helps hotels determine which strategies they should employ in the future. Historically, hotel owners and operators have struggled to adapt to downturns in the lodging cycle.  One reason for this struggle is that hotel operating expenses do not decrease proportionally to drops in room demand.  This issue is demonstrated…

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guest walking into hotel room
Making Your Hotel Safer

Steps to take to improve the safety of your hotel property. Regardless of the size, type, or location of your hotel, every property owner’s first priority is creating a safe environment for guests and staff.  However, improving hotel safety is no simple task; it involves continuous effort and coordination between owners, hotel staff, and regulatory…

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