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Making Your Hotel Safer

Steps to take to improve the safety of your hotel property. Regardless of the size, type, or location of your hotel, every property owner’s first priority is creating a safe environment for guests and staff.  However, improving hotel safety is no simple task; it involves continuous effort and coordination between owners, hotel staff, and regulatory…

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New California Laws Affecting the Hospitality Industry

How California labor and employment laws will affect the hospitality sector. In 2019, the state of California passed a series of new labor and employment laws.  As this legislation comes into effect, it will have major impacts on employers throughout the state, including those in the hospitality industry.  Here is a brief overview of the…

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Why Profitable Hotel Spas Require Careful Planning

How to keep your hotel’s spa profitable. Last year, hotel spas in the U.S. experienced revenue growth of 4.8%.  While this sounds impressive, labor costs also grew to a near-equal 4.7%.  Naturally, this prompts hotel owners to question how they can ensure that their spa centers remain profitable.  Well, according to experts, it all comes…

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Top Meeting Trends for 2020

Benchmark releases list of trends that will transform meetings in 2020. Recently, Benchmark of Benchmark Resorts & Hotels, Gemstone Collection, and Benchmark Conference Centers released a list of the top trends that will change meetings and conferences in 2020.  Here are some of the major trends that the list identified. Sustainability in Food With millennials…

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Why Innovation and Alignment are the Keys to Keeping Hotels Competitive

Hotels must push for innovation and team alignment to remain competitive in the market. When those in the hospitality industry think of disruption, they often focus on outside factors or new competitors entering the industry.  However, they tend to overlook the fact that hotels can actually be disruptive to themselves.  This happens when hotels are…

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