Bed Bug Facts Every Hotelier Needs to Know

Bed Bug Facts Every Hotelier Needs to Know

Bed bugs are every hotelier’s worst nightmare.  Here’s what you need to know about your enemy.

Bed bugs are tricky pests.  They are small and can easily evade housekeeping staff and exterminators alike.  To make matters worse, a single, pregnant bed bug is enough to start a complete infestation.  Because hotels, with their regular guest turnover rate, are particularly susceptible to bed bug infestation, many hotels are doing their best to learn more about these nasty parasites.  Read on to learn some facts about bed bugs.

1)   Adult bed bugs can survive for long periods of time without blood.  Some studies have found that bed bugs can survive for an entire year without feeding.  Just because there haven’t been reports of bed bugs for several of months doesn’t mean that you’re safe.  These pesky parasites might still be lurking in your rooms.

2) Bed bugs are difficult to eradicate and infestations can grow quickly.  Pest control professionals often require several treatments to remove bed bugs.  Each treatment usually requires a multilevel approach to completely exterminate these pests.

3) Bed bugs are indiscriminate.  They affect people of all social and economic status.  Bed bugs are a problem for the smallest desert motel to the most luxurious beachside resort.

4) The main form of transportation for bed bugs is on people or on their luggage.  This is why hotels are the most at risk for serious infestations.

5) The risk of infestation can be reduced with preventative measures.  Some hotels utilize mattress liners that have the ability to kill bed bugs on contact.

If you own a hotel or motel, be vigilant.  Make sure you and your staff keep an eye out for any sign of bed bugs on your premises.  Remember, a single report of bed bugs can seriously damage a hotel’s reputation.  Don’t become a victim of these blood-sucking parasites!

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