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Suggestions for Taking Care of Your Hotel’s Exterior

How to keep your hotel looking great. When it comes to hotel properties, first impressions are everything.  This is why it’s so important to keep your hotel’s exterior looking attractive and well-maintained.  Not sure what you should do to take care of your building’s exterior?  Then here are some of the things that you should…

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How Mobile Keys Can Prevent Human Trafficking

Converting to mobile key technology can fight human trafficking. According to the International Labour Organization, 40.3 million people are victims of global human trafficking.  Unfortunately, human trafficking is a major issue that continues to be a threat, even in 2019.  As hotels are common venues for trafficking, the hospitality industry is under pressure to fight…

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How Personalized Messaging Drives Guest Spending

Hotel experts from Caesars Palace and Margaritaville explain how they tailor messages to encourage guest purchasing behaviors. In a recent webinar hosted by EyeforTravel, executives from Caesars Palace and Margaritaville explained that establishing brand loyalty depended on guest information and personalized marketing messages.  Michael Marino of Caesars’ stated that the goal of personalized messaging was…

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Why the Hospitality Sector Should Cater to Generation Z Travelers

Why the hospitality industry should market to Gen Z. Up until recently, millennials made up the majority of travelers.  However, with Generation Z coming of age, it’s time for the hospitality industry to switch gears and start focusing on this new demographic of travelers.  But why should hotels rebrand their marketing strategies to appeal to…

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