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How Hotels Can Attract the Top Talent

Recruiting the employees that will take your hotel to the next level. Currently, the demand for new talent is increasing across all industries.  The leisure and hospitality sectors are struggling with recruitment as they compete with other major industries for qualified candidates.  So, how can you make your hotel an appealing workplace for fresh talent? …

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Hotel Brands Included in the 2019 Best Employers for Diversity

Fourteen hotel brands make the cut in Forbes Best Employers for Diversity list. Forbes magazine recently released its list of this year’s Best Employers for Diversity.  According to Forbes, the list recognizes companies that displayed a commitment to diversity and outstanding workplace culture.  Among the 500 employers listed, fourteen hotel brands made the cut.  Here’s…

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How Hotels Can Develop Strong Community Partnerships

Suggestions for building relationships with the community. If a hotel wants to be successful, then an important step is forging a good relationship with the community in which it is located.  Doing so ensures that the hotel is visible and helps the hotel become the favored accommodation in a specific location.  But how can hotels…

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New Study Examines How Online Reviews Influence Booking Decisions

Study reveals the significant impact that online reviews have on booking decisions. Recently, TripAdvisor, in partnership with Ipsos MORI, released a global study where they polled TripAdvisor users on their opinions regarding online reviews when booking hotels, restaurants, and experiences.  Overall, the answers of the 23,000 respondents showed that online reviews massively influence how they…

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Hospitality Labor Shortage is Affecting Profits

How a lack of workers will affect hotel sector profits. Despite high occupancy rates and a steady increase in average room rates, the hotel sector is expected to see a lower profit margin this year.  This is largely due to the fact that revenue growth is not fast enough to keep pace with increasing operating…

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