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[CLIC] is the only conference focused exclusively on the California Hotel market. California Lodging Investment Conference’s Mission: To bring together lodging professionals in California for one day of learning, professional development, and networking.
Revenue management system
Why Hoteliers Will Need Revenue Management Systems to Survive COVID-19

The pandemic has disrupted the hotel industry inducing several permanent changes. The way a hotel deals with its guests must now include solutions for social distancing and limiting occupancy. Two-thirds of U.S. hotels reported occupancy at or below 50 percent in August, which is usually a peak month for hotels.   Keeping in mind the…

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Cyber Security
The Role of Cyber Security in Hospitality Automation

Every business must ensure that it has appropriate cyber security to keep hackers off its network. It’s particularly important for the hotel business to protect the privacy of its guests. Data breaches can lead to unhappy guests and hefty lawsuits. Cyber security risks have significantly increased under the current pandemic as more and more businesses…

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higher education for hoteliers
How Higher Education Offers a New Revenue Stream for Hoteliers

Following the shutdowns of hotels in March 2020 due to the pandemic, US hotel occupancy returned above the 50 percent mark in August. A focus on higher education among students helped contribute to developing a new revenue stream for hoteliers. Here’s a more in-depth look at this interesting connection between rebounding hotels located near universities….

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diversifying hotel distribution strategies
Insights for Diversifying Hotel Distribution Strategiesa

In this pandemic situation, diversifying hotel distribution strategies is the key to business survival. Travelers have changed their criteria on how they choose hotels, so safety, cleanliness, and friendliness now outweigh traditional factors. However, at the same time differentiating from competitors hasn’t changed for hoteliers. Targeting Guests with Alternative Distribution One of the most critical…

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digital marketing mistakes
6 Digital Hotel Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Sustainability has been a primary focus of the hospitality industry during the pandemic. In many places, business survival has overshadowed hotel marketing, as hoteliers do what they can to maintain business. Here are potential hotel marketing mistakes for you to consciously avoid. 1. Unfocused Messages One of the most costly digital marketing mistakes is to…

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