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Security Concerns About Using Smart Technology in Your Hotel

Despite increasing guest demand for smart tech, security concerns remain. Recently, HIS (Hotel Internet Services) conducted a survey to analyze how smart tech, such as voice control and online content streaming, have affected the hospitality market.  The results of this survey revealed that guest demands for increased connectivity, instant service, and enhanced convenience have only…

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Tips for Staying on Top of the Latest Food and Beverage Trends

Here are some of the ways that hotels can keep up with new F&B trends. When it comes to the food and beverage industry, you can never totally predict what trend will become the next big thing.  This is why it’s important for hoteliers to remain on their toes and be ready to capitalize on…

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Why Independent Hotels are Succeeding

Find out why independent and boutique hotels are thriving. Today, travelers are gravitating towards unique lodging accommodations and experiences.  This is just one of the reasons behind the rapid growth of the boutique hotel scene.  Curious to find out what else is driving the success of independent hotels?  Then read on to learn more. Local…

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How Hotels Can Appeal to Older Luxury Travelers
How Hotels Can Appeal to Older Luxury Travelers

Learn how you can attract older, more establish vacationers. While the travel and hospitality industries usually focus their attention on millennial and Gen Z travelers, older luxury travelers should not be overlooked.  In fact, research has shown that Americans over the age of 55 account for 41.6% of all consumer spending despite being overlooked by…

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Why the Mobile Key in Increasing in Popularity

Here are some of the reasons why mobile keys are becoming a popular solution in the hospitality industry. Recently, there has been a noted increase of hotels, both large and small, that are adopting mobile key technology.  Experts identify several reasons for the popularity of this new tech.  Here is why mobile keys are taking…

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