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Tips for Attracting VIP Guests

How hotels can appeal to VIPs and win their stay. While most hotels know how to appeal to the average traveler, they may not know how to step up their game and attract VIP guests.  While many brands assume that VIPs are looking for lavish accommodations, personal butlers, and the like, experts disagree.  They explain…

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3 Major Customer Service Trends for the Digital Age

Learn how customer service in the hospitality sector has changed in the digital age. Today, technology and the Internet has changed the way that hotels do business.  For instance, the ways that hospitality brands handle customer service has changed considerably in the digital age.  But which changes are most significant across the industry?  Here are…

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The Role of Middleware in Hotel Tech

How middleware can improve hotel operational efficiencies. When it comes to utilizing technology, hotels face many challenges.  For instance, while some systems are brand new, others were developed long ago.  This gap creates an inefficient tech landscape as the different components do not always communicate or work together intuitively.  However, hotels can bridge this gap…

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How Hotels Get Ready for Summer

A look into how hotels prepare for the summer rush. Most hotels, both in the U.S. and abroad, get the most business during the summer months.  To prepare for this rush, hotel staff must take many steps to ensure that their properties are ready.  Here are some of the things that hotels do to refresh…

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The Process of Building a Unique F&B Program

Boutique hotels share details on how they create signature F&B programs. When developing their unique F&B (food-and-beverage) programs, boutique hotels pay attention to every detail to ensure that the experience is memorable to their guests.  F&B programs go far beyond food and drink to incorporate the ideas of branding, operations, and design teams.  Here are…

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