How to Properly Inspect a Hotel Room for Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are not good for the health of people, and they are definitely not good for your hotel–so how can you properly inspect a hotel room for bed bugs?

Bed bugs do not care whether your guests are rich or poor. They do not discriminate. According to a recent study, a five-star luxury resort can be plagued by bed bugs as easily as a road-side stop. This is why it is wise to include a weekly bed bug inspection to your employees’ “to do” list to find the problem before it infects your guests.

The objective of the inspection is simple: find bed bugs. Remember that bed bugs like to rest in small and tight spaces, so do not forget to inspect those areas as your housekeeping staff members probe. The headboard and bed skirt are two areas that are tightly packed and must be inspected because neither are disturbed when the room is serviced.

Consider the following steps to aid your housekeeping staff:

  • Use a good flashlight to help with your inspection.
  • Use this flashlight to observe the edges and corners of the headboard. Bed bugs are attracted to carbon dioxide contained in your breath.
  • Doing so one piece at a time, pull back the bedding from each of the two corners and again look for signs of bed bugs.
  • Inspect the edges of the mattress from the two corners focusing on the rolled edges, tufts, and any labels or handles attached to the mattress.

The inspection is tailored towards the bed and upholstered furniture, where bed bugs are most commonly found. Any other areas to be inspected would offer an insight as to the extent of the bed bug status.

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