Bruce Ford Lodging Econometrics [CLIC] Virtual Presentation March 4th, 2021.

[CLIC] Virtual, 4th March 2021

Who We Are

The Global Leaders for Hotel Development Intelligence and Decision-Maker Contacts

LE delivers industry-leading hotel development intelligence through:

• Database of Hotel Records: hosted online, updated weekly, available as an app on all iOS and Android devices, and can serve as your stand-alone management platform (CRM) or be integrated into your own Salesforce or management platform.

• Management Guidance Reports: customizable based on your company’s growth strategies, aid in analysis and strategic planning, and identify new business opportunities.

• Lodging Trend Reports: monitor current development trends by company, brand, chain scale, and other metrics relevant to making informed decisions.

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The CLIConference is the only Hotel Investment Conference in California.

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