Travelers Report Wanting to Experience More on Their Trips

Travellers Report Wanting to Experience More on Their Trips

Learn what new research revealed about travelers.

Recent research from revealed that about 63% of travelers do not feel like they are making the most of their travel opportunities. Interested in discovering why modern travelers held these sentiments? The research looked to uncover how travelers could get more out of their trips – read on to learn what the studies found.

The study revealed that a large percentage of travelers wanted to feel limitless on their travels. 55% reported that the best part of traveling was trying things outside their comfort zones. The majority of respondents revealed that they wanted to experience new and exciting things without feeling hindered by fear or uncertainty. 62% claimed that they were interested in exploring new cultures, 51% wanted to try new foods, and 33% were primarily interested in meeting new people.

While the research showed that most travelers wanted to get the most out of their travel experiences, it also went on to investigate why many travelers felt like they did not fully embrace their travels.

The major reason for travelers feeling unfulfilled with their traveling experience was fear of language barriers and other traveling anxieties. For instance, 28% of travelers reported that concern over language barriers prevented them from traveling abroad. 20% revealed that they worried about getting lost in an unfamiliar country and not being able to communicate with the locals. An additional 34% said they struggled to find appropriate accommodations for their trip and 26% reported anxiety about unfamiliar situations while traveling. Based off the additional survey data, the research suggested that offering more diverse travel accommodations, being able to communicate in their native languages, and being in more familiar with locations could help travelers feel more confident as they traveled abroad.

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