American Vacationers Undeterred by Recent Natural Disasters

American Vacationers Undeterred by Recent Natural Disasters

Hurricanes and raging wildfires are not enough to change vacation plans.

In a recent study, respondents were asked how recent natural disasters, such as Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria, and the devastating California wildfires, will affect their winter travel plans.  The results showed positive answers.  Not only did many intend to visit the impacted destinations, but they also shared their desire to aid in the recovery efforts of the given location.

65% of respondents explained that they would be happy to return to their annual vacation spots (Florida and California being the most popular winter destinations).  40% of these loyal vacationers expressed their willingness to bring extra food, clothing, or medical supplies to donate to local relief efforts.  23% plan on donating money to recovery efforts and 21% plan on volunteering while vacationing in the affected areas.

However, those who travel are expecting changes such as fewer crowds, visible damage, and limited access to some of their favorite destinations.  It’s also worth mentioning that many travelers are planning to insure their trips this year.  While not traditionally a hot insurance market, insurance companies should expect a slight uptick in natural disaster travel insurance.

Overall, it is clear that travelers care about their favorite vacation destinations.  Many loyal travelers expressed their view that their vacation spots were their home away from home.  Despite the damage and devastations recent natural disasters have left behind, it seems that the future of the travel industry remains bright.

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