Hotels Using Useful Digital Concierge Services

Hotels Using Useful Digital Concierge Services

Learn how digital concierge services are becoming the next big thing for the hospitality industry.

When the company DigiMapps first started out, it provided paper brochures for luxury hotels to distribute to guests.  However, as technological advances began to change the hospitality industry, the company evolved along with it.  While DigiMapps’ main purpose is still to provide traditional concierge services, they are doing so in ways that leverage digital resources and meet the changing needs of a young market.

While the company still provides recommendations for where to eat, what to do, and how to travel around a given area, they now do so with the added immediacy of the digital age.  Now, instead of waiting to speak to a live concierge, guests can simply pull up a hotel’s website and access recommendations for themselves.

According to DigiMapps, the implementation of their services is very easy.  All hoteliers need to do is select their recommendations and input them into the backend.  The main distribution methods for these recommendations is through the company’s website or on the main page for the hotel’s WiFi.

The founder of DigiMapps explains that their services are great for big and small hotels alike.  Big hotels can use the opportunity to expand their guest services while smaller hotels can offer concierge services without the expense of hiring a new employee.

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