Free WiFi that Benefits Both Hotels and Guests?

Free WiFi that Benefits Both Hotels and Guests?

Learn how offering free WiFi can be a win-win situation.

While there’s no question that offering free WiFi will improve guest satisfaction, how does this amenity affect the business owner?  Brian Lewis, COO of Nutshell WIFi, thought about this question as he came up with a solution that would be mutually beneficial.

Nutshell WiFi is Lewis’s brainchild; a WIFi solution that offers free WiFi to guests while collecting data for the business offering the amenity.  Nutshell gathers data on who a customer is, what they want, and what keeps them coming back to the business.

Businesses that use these services can access analytics (including demographics and user information), and then use this information to send alerts and notifications to everyone who is currently using their WiFi.  Additionally, companies can use the gathered information to improve their guest interactions and experiences to get people returning to their businesses time and time again.

What makes Nutshell’s services so attractive for the hospitality business it’s the company’s ability to scale services.   While many of Nutshell’s competitors are prepared to handle the needs of smaller, local businesses, Lewis explains that Nutshell’s pricing structure and infrastructure make their services particularly useful for large corporation and chains.

Lewis sees Nutshell as tapping into a brand-new marketing segment, which he refers to as WiFi marketing.  With its innovative WiFi solutions, NutShell is showing how both business and customers can benefit from free Wi-Fi.

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