How to Ensure a Robust Hotel Cybersecurity

cybersecurity checklist for hotels

In recent times, the importance of electronic data has increased. Like all other industries, the hospitality industry also relies on data. As any hotel data includes guests’ personal as well as financial information, it becomes essential to secure those. This is why hotels need to implement a cybersecurity system.

Why Is Cybersecurity Important for Hotels?

When guests choose to stay in your hotel, they trust you not only for their safety but also for their data privacy. Hotels usually ask and store personal and financial information of their customers, such as credit card information, contact addresses and numbers, personal preferences, their likes and dislikes in foods, etc. It is important for hotels to keep all this data safe and secure.

Here are a few cybersecurity considerations for hotels:

Train Your Staff

With a complete focus on the standard of service, cyber safety often takes the backseat. You must properly train your staff concerning typical cyber behavior and reevaluate them at regular intervals. Also, you must identify internal threats as well. There are many instances where employees have been caught selling data to third parties without the employer’s knowledge.

Regular Security and Risk Assessments

You need to review security systems and perform the risk assessment. In addition to the evaluation of hotel cybersecurity, you should also reassess third-party providers. The third-party vendors and service providers are usually responsible for hotel technology, as they access most of the hotel’s data. Taking the help of security experts or having a professionally designed cybersecurity checklist for hotels may help secure customers’ data.

Update the Hotel’s System

Regularly reviewing and updating your hotels’ system would help you in identifying security threats and possible data leaks. The inventory systems, as well as hotel’s web platforms, need to be updated regularly.

Secure Wi-Fi Networks

A potential point of a data breach is the hotel’s Wi-Fi network. Some hotels have a different internet connection for guests. Though it is expensive, it is an ideal practice that positively impacts data safety.

Cybersecurity for hotels must be considered to avoid cyber-crimes and data breaches. Stay updated on the latest news and trends in the hospitality industry by connecting with all the top California lodging professionals at the California Lodging Investment Conference. Contact us to learn more about this wonderful networking and informational event.


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