Considerations for Owners Who Are Reopening Hotels

hotels reopening

As the hospitality industry is carefully reopening hotels during the summer of 2020, it has become imperative for hotel managers to adapt to social and economic changes caused by the pandemic. Various areas of hotel management are being rethought to promote new sustainability standards.

Here are a few ways on how hotels can prepare for more cautious operations during the COVID-19 crisis.

Review New Government Regulations

Since the pandemic caused massive business shutdowns in mid-March 2020, new federal, state and local government regulations have affected communities across the nation. The number of hotels reopening is extensive enough to warrant concerns about limiting the spread of the virus. Group conventions are also impacted by a jurisdiction mandate, so hotel personnel should be prepared to inform travelers about the regulations associated with convention destinations.

Evaluate Market Performance

A major consideration for reopening hotels is studying various regions to gauge market performance of the hotel business. One of the effects of the pandemic has been less travel, leading to less people booking flights and hotels in advance. So now hotels should look toward the short-term (as in 48 hour time frames) for measuring booking success.

Keeping Rates Affordable

Affordability for travelers is a big concern for hoteliers. In the previous economic downturn, hotels typically slashed room rates, but this strategy did not lead to sustainable results. It even slowed down recovery in the industry. The main focus now is “rate integrity,” which calls for keeping rates reasonable without taking losses. Therefore, hoteliers need to review their pricing strategy to maintain sustainability.

Factor in Reopening Costs

The cost of reopening a hotel may involve new equipment, new staff members and training. Housekeepers and other staff members must be trained on how to deal with hotel guests while practicing social distancing. They must particularly be made aware of the new cleaning and disinfecting solutions.

Understaffed Conditions

Many hotels will be understaffed as part of social distancing and cost-saving strategies. Managers may need to take on more responsibilities with fewer assistants. Inevitably, each employee may have expanded tasks, based on updated management priorities.

Health and safety guidelines for reopening hotels are necessary in the pandemic era. Stay updated with the latest news and trends in the hospitality industry by following us at the California Lodging Investment Conference. Contact us today to find more about how this event can broaden your insights and opportunities in the hotel business.


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