Tech Innovations in Room Attendance Efficiency

Tech Innovations in Room Attendance Efficiency

Learn how new tech innovations are improving room attendance services.

While many hotels have traditionally relied on handwritten notes and computer-generated room assignment lists, expect this to change in the future. With new technological innovations allowing improvements in service and efficiency, here’s what the hospitality industry has to look forward to.


Housekeepers will soon be issued GPS-enabled smartphones that will provide real-time updates from the hotel’s management system. These devices will alert them when a guest checks out so they can see to the arrangement of the room for a new guest. Additionally, the utilization of smartphones will also give housekeeping staff two-way communication with the guest service request office and with maintenance and engineering support. Finally, these devices will include a panic alarm that will record an attendant’s exact location in the event of an emergency situation.

Electronic Passkeys

Smartphones or other mobile devices can also operate as electronic passkeys. Using electronic devices are more secure that traditional master keys and they are not easily misplaced. Additionally, they can be secured via passcode, thumbprint, facial recognition, etc., specific to each individual housekeeper.

Robotic Vacuums

Finally, room attendants can leverage the power of robotic vacuum devices to save them time as they attend to guestrooms. Expect these rechargeable, battery-operated vacuums to become a norm in hotels throughout the country.

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