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digital marketing mistakes
6 Digital Hotel Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Sustainability has been a primary focus of the hospitality industry during the pandemic. In many places, business survival has overshadowed hotel marketing, as hoteliers do what they can to maintain business. Here are potential hotel marketing mistakes for you to consciously avoid. 1. Unfocused Messages One of the most costly digital marketing mistakes is to…

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room entertainment
Why In-Room Entertainment is Important for Guest Experience

Hotels need to offer memorable room entertainment that gives patrons reasons to return. Today, innovative technology gives you a growing spectrum of choices to make a guest’s stay more enjoyable at your hotel. This aspect of hospitality is becoming a part of the traveler’s expectations, so here are a few developing trends that hoteliers can…

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human trafficking laws
ECPAT-USA Outlines Human Trafficking Laws for the Hospitality Industry

An uptick in April 2020 calls to the U.S. National Human Trafficking Hotline during the pandemic has raised concerns on how the hospitality industry handles issues of human trafficking laws. The numbers of these calls in April represented a 40 percent increase from the previous month. Here’s a look at how the hotels are addressing…

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transforming the future
Transforming the Future of In-Room Dining

Hoteliers during this pandemic are required to focus on their in-room dining services. Every hotel must now adopt stricter hygiene standards, as well as social distancing rules. Guest satisfaction is vital for business survival, so it’s imperative to maintain the cleanest dining conditions. Adopting and following property guidelines will be useful in transforming the future…

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5th Annual California Lodging Investment Conference Sets In-Person Event!
5th Annual California Lodging Investment Conference Sets In-Person Event!

Annual California focused conference set for March 4, 2021 ORANGE COUNTY, CA – 9.14.20 — The 5th Annual California Lodging Investment Conference [CLIC] will be held March 4th, 2021 at the newly opened jewel of the Anaheim Resort Area, the JW Marriott Anaheim Resort. The March 2020 edition of CLIC was the last in person…

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The CLIConference is the only Hotel Investment Conference in California.

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