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Three Ways to Minimize Hotel Food Waste and Cut Costs

When over 800 million people worldwide don’t have enough food, almost one-third of all food is wasted before consumption. Nearly one-fifth of the wasted food ends in landfills that emit greenhouse gases and contribute to global warming. Hotels account for a considerable part of this food wastage. Here are three ways to reduce hotel food…

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What Are the Financing Experts Saying about the Economic Impact of Coronavirus?

With the world economy suffering from COVID-19 shutdowns, it is normal to think about what’s going to happen next. Will the economy return to the pre-COVID state? Which sectors will be the first ones to bounce back, and which will take longer? How will the new situation impact ordinary people? How should we go about preparing…

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How Will Your Hotel Stay Change after Coronavirus?

Hospitality is one of the worst-hit industries in the coronavirus pandemic. With most of us staying at home and restricting movement, the demand for hotel stays has dropped. To send a reassuring message to guests, hotels are transforming their hygiene and cleaning practices. Here are some changes in hotel cleanliness you can expect after COVID-19. Contactless Check-in…

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Ways of Creating Contactless Guest Experiences

The coronavirus pandemic has brought significant changes on many fronts of our lives. Homes, offices, and public places are experiencing a makeover. Hotels across the globe are focusing on creating contactless guest experiences to ensure everyone’s safety. Here are a few ways through which you can ensure safe contactless guest experiences: Digital Pre-booking Experience Hotels now can…

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hotels cleaning methods
Hotels Enhance Their Cleaning Protocols to Reopen After COVID- 19

The hospitality sector is one of the hardest-hit businesses during the COVID- 19 pandemic. Hotels are taking extensive measures to reopen safely by ramping up sanitation measures and testing. Here are a few hotel-cleaning methods that some of the most famous hotel chains are following during COVID- 19: Marriott International Marriott has put together an…

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