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Tips for Changing Your Company’s Culture

How you can change your company culture. If you have plans to rebrand your business, then you should also consider reinventing your company’s culture.  While changing your business’s values is not something that happens overnight, you can succeed so long as company leadership remains committed to the change.  Here are three things that you can…

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Balancing Technology and Hospitality

How hotels can find a happy medium between new technology and guest satisfaction. As hotels compete for guest loyalty and brand recognition, many have turned to the newest technology to appeal to their guests.  However, it’s important that hotels do not turn to technology simply for the sake of having the latest and the greatest. …

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Modern Technology and the Travel Industry

How new tech is revolutionizing the travel industry. It’s no secret that the introduction of new technology has completely transformed the travel industry as we know it.  However, we have gotten so used to new systems and conveniences that many of us forget just how different the travel sector looks now compared to twenty years…

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Hospitality Wi-Fi Trends

Learn how the digital demands of guests are putting a strain on hotel Wi-Fi networks. Recently, Hotel Internet Services released a survey that showed how advances in technology and shifting guest expectations have put considerable pressure on hotel Wi-Fi networks.  Specifically, the study looks at how the emergence of new smart devices and increasing guest…

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How Hospitality Professionals Can Ensure a Positive Experience

What hotel staff can do to impress their guests. One of the best ways to appeal to guests and make them loyal to your hotel is by ensuring that they have a stress-free and enjoyable stay.  While offering attractive amenities and clean, elegantly designed rooms are obvious ways to ensure positive guest experiences, your hotel…

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