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cares act for hotel owners
Everything Hotel Owners and Operators Need to Know About the CARES Act

The CARES Act by President Trump encompasses many relief measures for employers and employees. It is best to know the rules and regulations of the CARES Act before applying for assistance and loans. Unemployment Assistance via CARES Act for Hotel Operators Under this scheme, organizations with employees and self-employed people can apply for unemployment assistance….

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covid 19 hotels
The Different Ways in Which Hotel Brands Are Responding to COVID-19

With the severe clampdown on tourism due to the coronavirus outbreak, the proceedings in the hospitality sector have come to a standstill. Various hotel chains are incorporating different crisis management strategies. The COVID- 19 hotel response plan broadly includes the following: Raising Cleanliness Standards To battle the current health and safety challenges, Marriott recently declared…

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reviewing analytics
Data Analysis of Hotel Downturn Strategies

Data analysis of past economic downturns helps hotels determine which strategies they should employ in the future. Historically, hotel owners and operators have struggled to adapt to downturns in the lodging cycle.  One reason for this struggle is that hotel operating expenses do not decrease proportionally to drops in room demand.  This issue is demonstrated…

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guest walking into hotel room
Making Your Hotel Safer

Steps to take to improve the safety of your hotel property. Regardless of the size, type, or location of your hotel, every property owner’s first priority is creating a safe environment for guests and staff.  However, improving hotel safety is no simple task; it involves continuous effort and coordination between owners, hotel staff, and regulatory…

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California state flag in front of gavel
New California Laws Affecting the Hospitality Industry

How California labor and employment laws will affect the hospitality sector. In 2019, the state of California passed a series of new labor and employment laws.  As this legislation comes into effect, it will have major impacts on employers throughout the state, including those in the hospitality industry.  Here is a brief overview of the…

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