How Hotel Employment Strategies Have Evolved Post-pandemic


Over the past year, the hotel management has been compelled to explore a new approach to hiring and retaining employees. Due to the growing labor shortage, hotel managers must rethink labor, wages, qualifications, and hiring. Here’s a look at the new emerging paradigm of hotel employment strategies.

Reward with Higher Pay

Much of the labor shortage has been triggered by people deciding to pursue higher pay or take a break from work. Offering higher pay is one of the key ways to find qualified people with hotel experience or a desire to learn. Although many hotel jobs have paid minimum wage in the past, hotels must rethink the value of employees and what they contribute to the bottom line.

Without a good staff, how can you rely on attracting the same guests? By providing reasonable wages, you create reasons for employees to stay and grow with the company rather than use it as a springboard to their next job. Inflation steadily drives the cost of living higher each decade while wages haven’t increased as much by comparison. Therefore, be conscious of the economic constraints workers must endure because of their wages.

Offer Bonuses for Referrals

You should reward your employees with bonuses for referrals they bring to the business. Since they’re helping bring in money, they should get a piece of it. By nurturing a friendly, talented team, you create easier conditions for more referrals to flow through individual employees. Referrals should be regarded as among the strongest leads since they promote documented positive experiences.

Bonuses, in general, contribute to overall employee loyalty. When you develop partnerships with local vendors to promote their services, you may get access to freebies you can distribute to your workforce. These partnership deals create a feeling of exclusivity, making hotel workers feel special about their jobs.

Encourage Work-Life Balance

Another significant step toward developing a loyal staff that enjoys their work is to foster an atmosphere that promotes work-life balance. Wellness is a big part of a person’s psyche and their ability to be productive. Therefore, allow employees a certain degree of flexibility, such as taking periodic breaks.

One of the main reasons millions of Americans decided not to return to their jobs in 2021 was they wanted to spend more time with their families. The pandemic separated many people from their friends and family, resulting in social alienation. The best way to overcome this potential psychological problem is to foster an upbeat, friendly work atmosphere.

The pandemic has also caused anxiety and uncertainty among workers and travelers. Try to reduce these negative feelings by allowing employees to have fun on the job within reason. For example, if your hotel has a dining room, consider providing employees free meals, which helps them save money and appreciate their job.

Retaining employees will be a major challenge for hoteliers in the near future. Learn more about the hotel industry from our virtual presentations that provide insights you won’t find elsewhere. For more information, visit the California Lodging Investment Conference today.


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