Legoland Construction: The Castle Hotel

If you played with LEGOs as a kid or even play with them now, a LEGO hotel sounds like the perfect resort for you to stay.

Legoland’s first onsite hotel has been so successful that it has already started on a second one, complete with castle towers, and knight- and wizard- and princess-themed rooms and a lobby slide. Yes, a slide!

The Castle Hotel, as it has been dubbed, will open at the Carlsbad theme park in the spring of 2018. And just like the first hotel, it will be three stories and have 250 themed rooms.

Legoland is known for being discrete about their projects and development, but they reported that this new project would be the most expensive undertaking since the park opened.

This hotel will be located on what is now a parking lot for employees. The project is considered to be a step up from the existing hotel in terms of the breadth of its theming, rooms, and interactions with the costumed staff.

From the moment the young guests arrive, they will be greeted by staff that are costumed as princesses, princes, wizards, and witches and will be made to feel as though they are preparing for a grand tournament in the likes they have never seen.

The thinking behind this project, just like the other LEGO hotel, is that there are enough attractions to justify more than a one-day stay. This unique design extends not only the experience of the theme park outside of the hotel, but also makes it more convenient for families to stay for more than one day as there is plenty to do at this venue.

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