What Hotel Guests are Looking for to Stay Connected

What Hotel Guests are Looking for to Stay Connected

Find out what guests are really expecting from hotels in terms of connectivity.

In today’s world, hotel properties can no longer afford to ignore issues associated with mobile devices and connectivity. Now, more than ever, amenities such as easy-t0-reach outlets and USB charging stations are a must for all properties that want to appeal to their guests. If you want to cater to your guests, here are some of the main connectivity features that you should consider incorporating into your property.

  • Smart Charging Solutions

According to a survey of hotel guests, 74% of respondents reported that a lack of convenient charging options was a primary concern that they had while staying at a hotel. Even more concerning, 83% of respondents reported being frustrated when there wasn’t an outlet located by their bed or nightstand to charge their devices. Hotel owners looking to meet their guests’ needs should consider in-furniture charging solutions where outlets are conveniently located in desks, headboards, and entertainment centers for ease of access.

  • Aesthetically Pleasing Charging Options

It’s not enough for hotel properties to simply offer easy-to-reach charging options. In fact, 31% of hotel guests reported that the appearance of these power solutions mattered to them. With this data in mind, it’s also important for hotel proprietors to make sure that the charging solutions they offer their guests are integrated seamlessly into their hotel’s design.

  • Future-Ready Properties

Finally, hotel properties need to be ready to launch their buildings into the future. Soon, it will become commonplace for hotels to integrate Internet of Things (IoT) technology into the guest experience. Things such as touchscreen amenities, intelligent lighting and temperature controls, and improved connectivity and WiFi streaming will be the future of the hospitality industry. So, it’s important now that hotel owners anticipate these advances by optimizing their properties’ power and charging options to support these increased connection needs.

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