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How Hospitality Professionals Can Ensure a Positive Experience

What hotel staff can do to impress their guests. One of the best ways to appeal to guests and make them loyal to your hotel is by ensuring that they have a stress-free and enjoyable stay.  While offering attractive amenities and clean, elegantly designed rooms are obvious ways to ensure positive guest experiences, your hotel…

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Evaluating Guest Engagement Strategies

How much effort different guest engagement strategies require. It’s no secret that guest engagement is a vital part of running a successful hotel.  Not only does a guest engagement strategy ensure that guests have a positive experience, but it also helps to create loyal brand followers.  However, with all the different engagement strategies out there,…

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How Technology is Changing the Travel Industry

How new technology changes the way people travel. With increased access to information, recommendations, and planning tools, traveling is easier than ever.  However, how has technology specifically influenced the travel industry?  Here’s how you can see the influence of technology on modern travel. Hotel Reservations Gone are the days of travelers flocking to travel agents…

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Marketing Strategies and Increased Sales Depend on Data

How data influences hotel marketing. Today, data quite literally runs the show when it comes to the hotel marketing industry.  Whether it’s overall industry insights or market-level information, data influences decisions regarding the direction and timing of investments. While the hospitality industry cannot change broader issues related to politics, economics, or the environment, being well-informed…

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Security Concerns About Using Smart Technology in Your Hotel

Despite increasing guest demand for smart tech, security concerns remain. Recently, HIS (Hotel Internet Services) conducted a survey to analyze how smart tech, such as voice control and online content streaming, have affected the hospitality market.  The results of this survey revealed that guest demands for increased connectivity, instant service, and enhanced convenience have only…

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