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Hospitality Labor Shortage is Affecting Profits

How a lack of workers will affect hotel sector profits. Despite high occupancy rates and a steady increase in average room rates, the hotel sector is expected to see a lower profit margin this year.  This is largely due to the fact that revenue growth is not fast enough to keep pace with increasing operating…

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Addressing Issues Around Hotel WiFi

How you can deal with WiFi connectivity issues in your hotel. When guests stay at your hotel, they expect access to all the basic amenities they have at home.  This includes access to WiFi.  When hotels first built their WiFi networks, they weren’t anticipating future demands.  As a result, many properties are not equipped to…

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Parkway Creates Retreats For Travelers

Parkway’s Hospitality Portfolio showcases spaces that serve as welcoming retreats for travelers away from home. Across the country, we have constructed more than thirty hotel projects for clients representing reputable brands such as the Four Seasons, Hyatt, Hilton Garden Inn, Sleep Inn, Stay America, Comfort Suites and Hampton Inn. Our hospitality team constructs new hotels and…

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Tops Hotel Brand Appealing to the Younger Generation of Diners

How Omni Hotels and Resorts is catering to children. When families go out to eat, children are typically left to eat the standard chicken nuggets, plain burgers, and buttered noodles.  However, these restaurants are overlooking the influence that children have of their parents’ dining decisions.  Omni Hotels and Resorts recently attempted to appeal to this…

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How Hotels Can Accommodate Multi-Generational Travelers

Tips to appeal to travelers of all ages. Recently, travel experts have noted a rise in “skip-generation” travel.  This refers to grandparents taking their grandchildren on vacations.  Additionally, there has also been a rise in people traveling with their extended families.  As these trends become more commonplace, hotels need to make changes to accommodate the…

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