New Study Examines How Online Reviews Influence Booking Decisions

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Study reveals the significant impact that online reviews have on booking decisions.

Recently, TripAdvisor, in partnership with Ipsos MORI, released a global study where they polled TripAdvisor users on their opinions regarding online reviews when booking hotels, restaurants, and experiences.  Overall, the answers of the 23,000 respondents showed that online reviews massively influence how they book their trips.

For instance, 85% of respondents agreed that the reviews they read on TripAdvisor accurately reflect their experience.  86% agreed that TripAdvisor helps them feel more confident about their booking decisions.  The study also found that online reviews are most people’s favored source of information, with 72% of respondents reporting that they always or frequently read reviews before making any type of booking decision.  This percentage is even higher when it comes to booking accommodations, where 81% report looking at reviews.

Additionally, 79% of respondents revealed that they were more likely to book the hotel with better reviews if they were comparing two identical properties.  52% of respondents agreed that they would never book at a hotel without any reviews.

Study respondents indicated that, when researching a trip, the most important thing that they were looking for was recent content.  78% of participants agreed that they focused on the most recent reviews.  The participants also showed that they used good judgment when searching through reviews, with 39% saying they ignored extreme comments and 55% reading reviews across several pages to get a better sense of people’s opinions.

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