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Hospitality Trends so Far: Here's What's New in 2021
Hospitality Trends so Far: Here’s What’s New in 2021

The pandemic has changed the hotel industry, and the facilities that have survived are on their toes, constantly devising ways to prepare themselves for the next crisis. In the meantime, many hotels are still renovating or rethinking their layouts. Hoteliers are paying closer attention to guest feedback and taking it more seriously than ever before….

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4 Strategies for Reducing Employee Turnover in the Hospitality Industry
4 Strategies for Reducing Employee Turnover in the Hospitality Industry

According to PCMA, the U.S.. hotel industry experienced a labor shortage long before COVID-19 struck due to steady employment across the country and constant high demand from both leisure and corporate travelers. As the hospitality industry reopens, hoteliers are now striving to acquire new talents and re-hire furloughed employees to keep up with the rising demand for…

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Hotel Staff Concerns in COVID-19
How to Address Hotel Staff Concerns in COVID-19 Return-to-Work Plan

Many hotels and restaurants scaled down or halted their operations as COVID-19 ravaged multiple industries, including hospitality. The industry is slowly recovering as more and more people resume traveling and eating out. With the COVID-19 threat still unresolved, many hotel employees are worried about their safety as they return to their physical workplaces. Here’s how…

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The Importance of Investing in the Hotel Sales Team During Covid-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the hospitality industry particularly hard. Thankfully, with COVID-19 vaccine rollout in full swing, the malaise that engulfed the hospitality industry is being replaced with hope for recovery. (https://ourworldindata.org/covid-vaccinations)  For instance, leisure demand in the fall of last year exceeded what industry experts had projected. While the spike of COVID-19 cases…

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A Look at the Hospitality Industry’s New Paradigm

It’s no secret that a good percentage of the hospitality industry is ramping up properties to prepare for a post-pandemic market. When the coronavirus eventually subsides, travelers will have more choices that offer a safer, cleaner, and more sustainable hotel experience. Here are noticeable ways hotels are preparing for a return to normal business. Permanent…

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